Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus vs iPhone 7 Plus Drop Test!

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus vs iPhone 7
what’s up guys everythingapplepro here I’ve been waiting for this day for an entire year this is the battle of the Titans so without samsung’s help I managed to get the samsung galaxy s 8 for my tests we’re going to be comparing the new beast samsung galaxy SI vs the essence of enclosed in a variety of tests so this one we’re going to start with the drop durability test so essentially

i want to see how does the new Gorilla Glass 5 that will sound in the note 7 and now is on the SI + hold up against the dual ion glass on the iphone 7 plus these things have been incredibly resilient you know we’ve dropped them last year the iphone 6s dating and break so i’m assuming this one will do just as well compared to this guy no trickery you know I have nothing gained

I love both of these companies you know fantastic phones although we obviously no one is better here don’t anyone know I said that so here we go samsung galaxy s ii plus vs iphone 7 plus drop you know the thing has so much screen front and back that i don’t see this thing lasting very well even though has belated to go no i’m sorry that was a really big disappointment let’s cut that out take two in my opinion this thing might not actually do so well because of that we’re going to start with a waist height backside and front so starting with the iphone and three two one and with this guide and three two

one I think lean iphone we want too much to be afraid of except for the lens cover and oh my goodness are you serious that was literally like odd smooth concrete from not even three feet and it shattered Wow what not really going to happen to display what in the world this is supposed to be the latest greatest gorilla glass so it is cracked but it doesn’t start shipping right away like the iphone of course it’s more usable give you a couple scuffs on here but I’d rather have some scuffs and completely broken device kind of disappointed

so let’s move on to the side come on this is like the latest stuff how could it be this bad you guys saw that it was like a clean drop okay anyways side drop same waist height you pull it out of your pocket you’ve got greasy fingers from the mcdonalds you’ve been eating and here we go in all right so display did survive this one so we’ve got that impact right here it’s just a little scuff not too bad but the back did crack more as a result so this must be a really really thin layer of glass for sure so the front of the display does look good it’s the borders that are starting to get chipped more so than the s7

I must say they have this gloss finish to them now so you’re going to notice more when you get those scratches man I expected more iphone even with the red paint it’s really not looking bad at all the scuffs aren’t that noticeable they still blend in pretty well so do the front facing one I’m really afraid for you galaxy and not showing a good sign waist-high face down and three two one at three two one oh thank you for a minute there I thought it would jump over and be broken so I guess it’s a little thicker on the front maybe

So I guess let’s keep going the only other tests that I can think of is 25 feets so see if we drop it from there can we finally break the iphone glass all right tweaking iphone 7 plus let’s see what you got about 3 to 10 minutes set up a cloud of dust 25 feet literally coming apart at the seams the antenna band is separating here and yeah so that did it this thing is more resilient but in the end 25 feet is 25 feet to any phone so even though they are both crack at this point the iphone 7 plus is almost unusable

I feel like I’m going to cut my finger here all the shards are coming out it really affects the screen quality and display this one on the other hand looks really really good so not seeing much cracks and even though they’re there they’re almost completely smooth even run your finger over them without the fear of gaining glass splinters in your skin ok guys so there it is the samsung galaxy s a versus the iphone 7 plus i got to give the wind to the iphone on this one but they were they were close very very close except for the back on this one but again it’s not really that big a deal alright guys thanks for watching be sure to check out the water tests and more on these devices peace

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